A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Enter the world of Kaicho, a beautiful land powered by mystical elements called the Unities. The Unities once ravaged the land, uncontrollable, until they were sewn into a scarf. This scarf, called the Serenity Scarf, unified the elements and saved the world. All seemed well.

However, someone has attacked the Serenity Scarf and its power from it. It is up to a young Kaichoan, Nekochi, to recover those elements before the world rips apart at its seams!

Help Nekochi navigate challenging landscapes and master the power of the Unities!

Serenity is a student game produced by Melissa Almirall, Mark Merlino, Hannah Pogue, Paul Salas, and Christopher Tapia at the University of Central Florida.

Install instructions

To play:

Contents > MacOS > ChimeraEntertainment_Serenity (Mac)

Extract files from zip, run.exe (PC)

Best if played in 1280x720!

You MUST beat Level 1 before you can progress to 2, 3, or 4 in any order. Once all are complete, you can play Level 5!


Serenity_PCBuild.zip (142 MB)
Serenity Mac.zip (145 MB)

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