A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

issimo! is a game that teaches you how to learn music simply by listening! Small, tadpole-like creatures called the issimo want to perform their music, but they need you to listen to their song and help them figure out when to sing! Helping the issimo is easy: just drag them into the right spot at the top of the screen. There are six short melodies in all!

issimo! is great for young musicians or people interested in learning to train their ears to pick out tunes. The melodies themselves are also simple, allowing beginners or even slightly more experienced musicians a satisfying challenge. issimo! is a prototype game, as well, meaning it may be short, but even a little goes a long way in learning by ear!

issimo! is created entirely by Hannah Pogue, featuring an original concept, original art, and original sounds and music.

Install instructions

For PC, download the issimoPC zip folder. Unzip the folder and keep both the .exe file and the data folder in the same location. Then play!

For Mac, download the issmoMac zip folder. Unzip the folder, open the application, and enjoy!


issimoPC.zip 22 MB
issimoMac.zip 24 MB

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