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Hear ye, hear ye: All of the subjects of the kingdom are called forth to free our land of the terrible monsters within it! Do you have a thirst for adventure? What about a love for money? Then answer the King's call, and set forth to travel perilous lands and slay the behemoths that rule over it!

Bounty Breaker is a 2D platforming adventure reminiscent of the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Made by gitgud Entertainment at the University of Central Florida, players pick up Dude Knight or Dudette Knight and begin an epic quest to traverse four gorgeous environments and defeat the enormous beasts that wait for them. Along the way, there will be spoils aplenty, plus the hefty bounty for defeating the monster!

What are you waiting for? These bounties aren't going to collect themselves!


gitgud Entertainment

Character, Environment, and Logo Artist - Paul Salas

Boss Art and Animations - Melissa Almirall

Game, UI, and Menu Programming - Ernesto Alfaro

Level Design, Sound Effects, Sound Programming, and Music - Hannah Pogue

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip folder and run the executable to play!

Thank you for your support and for playing our game!


Bounty Breaker for PC.zip 43 MB
Bounty Breaker for Mac.zip 44 MB

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